About Author: Dr.S.R Jindal, Doctor of Naturopathy and Yoga (ND), industrialist, philanthropist and author, founded the world-renowned Nature Cure Institute at Bangalore in 1978, among many other charitable institutions.  Dr.Jindal has written many books and articles besides having delivered several lectures/talks on health on the pattern of Nature Cure and Yoga (drugless therapy).  He acquired extensive knowledge and practical experience during the last six decades and he is of the firm view that Nature Cure and Yoga can do wonders and can keep all diseases away from those who accept and follow in spirit, thus escaping from the unbearable cost in terms of money, time and side effects.  It has been his passion and keen desire to bring nature cure techniques/therapies in the forefront so far as healing sciences are concerned since he has deep confidence of its excellent results based on his personal experience by digging out the hidden wealth of nature – a true lover of nature.  He says “Nature is the Best Healer” and “Nature protects - we do not fall ill unless we betray her.”


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